• Why Should You Care About Hosted VoIP Phone Service?


    The power of choice is an incredible, if not completely frustrating opportunity to determine paths. Choice, or free will, is something owned by every person on the planet, yet is often one of the scariest realizations of maturity. While questions like Coke vs. Pepsi or whether or not to purchase cable television can be infuriating, they are fairly basic choices to consider. We face choices every day, and while we aren’t likely going to be presented with the choice between which side of the Force we want to align with, we do face many choices that have a direct impact on our world.

    Whether or not it is choices as dire as deciding to hold true to a certain faith in the face of imminent danger or even whether or not to go to college, many choices we must make have lasting consequences. The correct choice is the one that usually leads to the best consequences. I remember as a child really wanting a particular toy I came across while walking through the mall. I am still not completely sure of the reasons why, but this particular instance has always stood out in my memory, as this was the request that first got me the dreaded “needs vs. wants” lecture from my father. We have all had that discussion; what we want doesn’t ultimately hold up against what we need. Maturity begins when we start to recognize on our own the times that this choice comes into play.

    The Connection Between Fiscal Responsibility and Your Phone Service

    Financial responsibility and the choices that must be made to stay focused through the purchasing temptations are vital components to business success. The long-term effects of the 2008 economic downturn have foundationally changed the culture and the way we look at business and personal fiscal maturity. What used to be the job of three individuals is now one person’s with a new software program. That’s just the way life is now, and though it is hard to accept, we must. Therefore, in order to succeed, regardless of our position in a company, we have to be able to utilize the tools around us better so that we can continue to do more with less. This is why it amazes me that it is still so common to be using outdated and over-priced phone systems in a business.

    Improving efficiency while decreasing costs is the dream of every smart business owner. Yet, despite clear benefits, many decision makers are still hesitant to make basic changes that will allow for lasting financial success. The fear of choice (and the fear of change) is still leaving many people paralyzed when it comes to their phone systems. Despite voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology being around for a long time. According to BeBusinessed, VoIP, “Developed around 1995, originally it served as a work-around for long-distance and international telephone charges.” However, people are still having a hard time deciding between VoIP phones and regular analog phone service.

    That conversation heats up even more in the business world when it comes to the use of on-site phone systems as opposed to direct service lines. Is it better to use a hosted cloud solution or bring the hardware directly into your office? What is the security of internet phones? How much difference is there in price? Undoubtedly you will have to face these questions in regards to your business (or you may already have) and we here at B2 Technology Solutions want you to be prepared for that choice. Here are five basic reasons why a hosted phone solution is better to installing an internal system as well as its analog counterpart.

    (1)   The Cost of Hosted VoIP Phone Service

    With cloud-hosted phone service, the entire phone system is managed online, so phone lines can easily be added or subtracted as needed, eliminating installation costs entirely. Also, upfront investment costs are hugely mitigated because there is no elaborate hardware needed, meaning purchasing and installation costs are significantly lower than an internal phone system.

    According to the Harvard Business Review, “The cost of maintaining the legacy network for a rapidly-dwindling number of customers is approaching as much as 50% of the carriers’ total expenses, a waste of capital and a diversion of money…” These costs are getting carried all the way to the customer, causing increases in rates with decreases in options. Traditional phone lines are also severely limited in what technology the can offer. Over the digital airwaves voice options such as voicemail to email and find me/follow me features are as simple as an on/off switch inside the software program. Analog lines require additional physical devices on site to allow for those features, often sky-rocketing the price for the end user.

    (2)   Hosted VoIP Offers Incredible Flexibility

    Companies can utilize all of the benefits of their hosted VoIP telephone network no matter where they are in the world. The network is accessible from any device, enabling multi-tasking businessmen to connect to their company’s phone network from their cellphone or tablet. For example, an office worker could, during a power outage, take their desk phone from the office and plug it in at any desired location with power. The phone would continue to work as if it were still sitting on the desk. Neither an internal phone system nor an analog service would be able to provide that extreme convenience.

    Additionally, adding lines for remote workers is simple, as lines can be connected directly to their cellphone or home phone. Think of it this way: you have had the same cell phone number for many years and do not want to use it for business, but since you are out all the time, you need an easy way for business contacts to reach you on the road. Through hosted VoIP technology, you can put an app on your phone that connects to your office phone system, allowing you to make and receive calls as if you were sitting at your desk.

    (3)   Hosted VoIP Provides Easy Scalability

    Scaling traditional phone networks is challenging and expensive, often inhibiting your company’s ability to expand the operation efficiently. Cloud-hosted VoIP service eliminates that hassle by providing unlimited scaling potential at the touch of a button. This not only greatly improves the efficiency of scaling, but it decreases the costs, so you can get up and running faster and ultimately more profitable.

    (4)   Hosted VoIP Can Reduce Your Staffing Demands

    As mentioned earlier, one of the results of this economic era in which we live concerns the demands for increased output from a smaller number of employees. Cloud hosted VoIP service contains numerous built-in features that improve workplace collaboration and simplify communications. With features like find me/follow me and virtual auto attendant, your employees can significantly reduce the number of missed calls. This reduces the need for a large customer service department, as improved collaboration enables fewer employees to accomplish more work.

    (5)   Cloud Based Hosted VoIP is Secure

    One of the main concerns many business owners have is that the cloud isn’t as secure as internal or analog systems. It is true that since it is operated through the Internet, this does make hosted VoIP vulnerable to hackers. It does, however, utilize advanced call encryption, making it much more difficult for hackers to access the network. Also, as opposed to internal telephone networks, hosted VoIP is closely monitored, and the system is triggered whenever usage rate anomalies are detected. This allows you to be immediately informed of any irregularities, giving you a greater freedom of choice, because you are fully aware of all that is happening.

    Let’s not forget about the physical risks of damage to hardware, especially for those in heavy storm areas such as we are in southwest Florida. In the event of disaster, an internal phone system is highly susceptible to physical damage, whereas cloud-based service can continue to operate regardless of circumstances.

    Making the Best Choice for Your Business

    Choices are a difficult part of life, and the wrong choice can lead to disastrous consequences. With a cloud hosted VoIP solution, your business has the opportunity to experience global connection, improved collaboration, and increased efficiency, all while decreasing costs. Having a phone system that offers global usage and flexible scaling is essential if you want to stay competitive in your industry.

    We certainly encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or are curious about using a hosted VoIP solution for your business.

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