Online Backup & Disaster Planning

Nervous about the risks of data loss to your business?

All businesses have mission-critical data, applications and systems they need to protect – personal work stored on laptops, business applications running on servers, or infrastructure systems like email and payroll. Access to all of this information is vital to the operations of any business.

A recent study discovered that, of companies who experienced a major loss of computer records, 43% never reopened, 51% closed within two years of the loss, and a mere 6% survived over the long-term.

damagedFor small or medium-sized business, looking after all this data and avoiding downtime can be a major challenge with limited IT resources. Even then, sometimes things go wrong. Laptops get stolen. Email servers fail. Someone accidentally deletes a file or, even worse, an entire folder of critical information. Systems get hacked, files get corrupted and as we all know, disasters do happen. When there is an emanate threat of a hurricane or flood, tapes and hard drives can easily be forgotten, and ultimately lost. The typical tape restore for even small amounts of data can take over 2 hours, and with a complete disaster it can take days, and that is if they work – tape backups tend to have a high rate of failure. Online backups cut this time down to a matter of minutes for most restores and are significantly more reliable.

At times like this, the only thing you want to know is that your data is safe and secure, and that your business will not suffer downtime. You know that without that assurance, lost data and system outages drive productivity down while driving the costs of running the business up. Not to mention the major impacts to customer service, sales and the resulting revenue loss.

Online Backup is now a standard replacement for tapes on the business network. One of our solutions will virtualize any server in under an hour for full functionality in case of complete hardware failure. B2 Technology Solutions offers several online backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure that, regardless of what size your business is, your data will be safe and secure and easily restorable.

  • Near real-time backups (15 minute increments) data recovery and online backup
  • Minutes to restore
  • Virtualization capabilities in under an hour
  • Data stored in a Tier 1 facility
  • Data is stored out of state
  • Better protection against data corruption
  • Data encryption
  • No risk of faulty tapes
  • Never have to worry about swapping tapes
  • Configurable for Exchange, SQL, Servers, Workstations and more!

If protecting and accessing your data is mission-critical, contact us today to get safe and secure, so you can rest easy!

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