Network Security

Worn out over the constant worry of your network security?

The risks to your network can seem like an overwhelming obstacle to running your business online, or even in just having a computer connected to the internet. Viruses, spy-ware, malware, hackers and information thieves are just a few of the threats to your business and its employees in this modern world. Potential threats need to be guarded against and fought hard so they don’t lead to significant downtime issues which can cripple a business with major revenue loss. Are you aware of…virus

  • Computer Worm – a type of virus that automatically replicates on networks and computers, allowing it to spread rapidly while breaking down the system.
  • Cryptowall – a Trojan horse that uses host computer to infect the entire network/server, then asks for a ransom before giving access.
  • Malware or Spyware – it will trick unsuspecting users into spreading it so that it can destroy and corrupt your data.
  • Rootkits – covert software that will search your hard drive for information of yours and transmit it elsewhere without your knowledge.

B2 Technology Solutions wants you to take a load off and let our top line security software packages protect you and your business from harm. Whether you need a simple anti-virus software for your company workstations or an intricate monitoring tool that lets you view your employees’ internet activity (and anything in between), B2 has the right software at the right price. We also back that with our Help Desk Service, monitoring and protecting your business so that you can focus on exactly that: your business.

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