• Looking Ahead with Hindsight: Goals for 2017

    A brief look through your social media stream may convince you that 2016 was a year to be left behind and quickly forgotten, but don’t be hasty in your purposeful forgetfulness. While all of us had ups and downs this past year, there are many things from 2016 that are worth celebrating and remembering as we move forward into 2017. It’s not about looking back, but about having a healthy understanding of where you’ve been so that you can better guide where you are going. This type of forward thinking (with a rear-view mirror) has helped to set B2 Technology Solutions’ goals for 2017.

    A Review of 2016

    2016 was the third straight year in which B2 brought on a new employee. These three positions were not replacements, but growth determined and developed to deepen our commitment to customer care. These hirings have doubled the size of B2’s workforce and helped bring about change to our business model at the ground level. In order to sustain the growth internally, we knew project work could no longer be our driving revenue and put pieces in place early enough to set the right practices in place for the change in our model.

    Revenue-wise, each of the last two years have been record setting, with 2016 reaching over $20,000 north of its predecessor as the year came to a close. Combined, these last two years have seen us bring in over a million dollars in revenue with a very large chunk of that being not project work, but monthly recurring revenue. Over the last two years, we have added over $25,000 in monthly revenue for our company. This not only provides our employees with consistent work, but also ensures that any changes in revenue will not be drastic and can be planned for/budgeted.

    B2 Solutions’ Goals for 2017

    Our goals for 2017 build on these highlights. With our tagline being “A Great User Experience”, we are putting our money where our mouth is in terms of customer experience. Now that we have built a strong base of recurring revenue with healthy margins, we are setting our goals for 2017 towards your customer experience. Shortening our response times, adding more training and support, even streamlining our automation process all give us the opportunity to put less effort into the ancillary work and more into the face to face customer experience. We want our customers to feel free to call, ask questions, and feel safe – knowing that our expertise is at work for you and truly cares about you.

    We would rather spend our time with you on the details needed to properly set up your IT configuration or the how-to’s of resetting your windows password than on always having to double-check our records and continually audit our billing practices. That is why our investment in people has been both tech expertise as well as business acumen. We want to make sure things are getting done correctly, but focused on freeing up our techs’ time so that they can spend it with you.

    Focus on Customer Experience

    While we will continue to push for revenue growth, we are not like the large, publicly traded companies that live and die on quarterly growth numbers. B2 has built itself a sustainable business and knows that our best way for future sustainability is with YOU. Spending time with you. Making you feel safe, secure, and valuable. This is why our focus is YOU. Take a look at any of our testimonials on the site and you will see that our customer experience is our main focus (and it shows!) and our goals for 2017 will work to raise the bar even higher. Come and experience the best!

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