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  • Managed Services with a Thankful Heart

    This is a special time of year. Not because of the extra lights, nor the sound of shoppers clanging their carts around late into the night. It is special, because no matter how strong commercialism tries to hide the deeper meaning to the season, we are still captivated by it. Thankfulness. Gratitude. Appreciation. For so […]

  • IT as a Service is a Welcome Change

    Over the weekend, I was conversing with some friends during a relaxing Saturday morning and discussing the state of the housing market. One of the gentlemen in our conversation had recently purchased a home while myself and the third in our talk have been renting for the last few years. Last year I spent six […]

  • What Online Backup and the New England Patriots Have to do With Mother Nature

    Dealing with loss is never easy. Seeing someone else go through loss can be even more heart-breaking, unless that other person is Tom Brady. His losses are to be celebrated. I say this mostly because I am a Seahawks fan and am fine seeing the Patriots knocked down a peg. There is actually a bit […]

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